Nia 52 Moves: Energize The Move Routine

Nia 52 Moves: Energize The Move Routine

Nia 52 Moves: Energize The Move Routine

Release Date: December, 2008
Target: All Levels
Focus and Intent:

The focus of this routine is energizing.
The intent is to energize all 52 Moves and dance them your body's way.

Energize the Moves: The Workout is a Classic Nia routine that develops the base, core and upper extremities through repetition and personalization of the 52 Moves. This routine focuses on dancing and expressing the 52 Moves in your body's way, shifting from one move to the next every 60 seconds. Seasoned students will love the challenge of testing their skills, while new students will love the opportunity to learn and practice the moves in their own time. This fun and challenging routine is designed to be easily adapted to other music for variation and repeated practice. The soundtrack includes voice-over cueing for each upcoming move, allowing you to practice and dance with whole-body attention. For teachers, Energize the Moves: The Workout improves your own craft and technique, making your delivery of all Nia routines even more powerful and fun!

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