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Canta Routine

Canta Routine

Canta Routine

Release Date: December, 2007
Target: All Levels
Focus and Intent: The focus is on X-Ray Anatomy. The intent is to tap into movement variety to create new neuromuscular pathways.

Canta is a perfect Classic Nia routine for learning to teach the moves in all Three Movement Levels. The collection of music honors the human voice, and all but the last song use the human voice as an instrument. This quality makes Canta a great routine to integrate Sounding. Canta means “sing!” in Spanish. Many of the songs do not use the voice in the classic sense of vocal and chorus. Instead, the voice is used as an instrument creating amazing sounds to inspire creative movement. Use the voice for inspiration and connect to it with your body and spirit and dance to it with your heart and soul.

The moves in Canta are designed to stimulate intrinsic and extrinsic movements. Within a single movement, you learn to blend small and large range of motion, rhythmic and melodic qualities, and fast and slow speeds. This will give you the feeling that you are patting your head while rubbing your belly. If you can’t get it the first time, that’s fine. This is a sign you are learning a new movement skill and breaking an old movement habit – better yet, creating a new neuromuscular pathway.

Included is a Freedance section based on the dance of Aikido – harmonious, spherical action incorporating movements that ask you to cross the center, vertical line to create natural spinal rotations that stimulate tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Canta NiaSounds "A celebration of the human voice, this compilation unearths a primal, wordless expression of emotion that conjures up memories of ancestry and community—the breath of life, a timeless resonance of past, present, and future. This synergy of breath and emotion generates a distinct sound and manifests a unique listening experience. Featuring music by: Frontera, Makyo, Adham Shaikh, Gaudi, Crosstown Traffic, Biddu, Adham Shaikh, and Kenya Masala." 

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