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Source Album (digital download)

Source Album (digital download)

Source Album (digital download)

Focus: The focus of SOURCE is the eyes.

Intent: The intent of SOURCE is to use the eyes and eyesight to engage the spine and direct attention.

Description: The Nia routine SOURCE helps you engage with the most complex of the body’s five senses: eyesight. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed our eyes are busy working with dark and light, taking pictures, and sending messages to our brain for analysis. The eyes, the “windows of the soul” are our greatest resource for connecting us with the world. Like all parts of the body, if we don’t use our eyes they will become weak.
Healthy sight is sensed as seeing far and near, as having adaptable, relaxed and moist eyes, and as having the ability to blink and use your eyes for extended periods of time with little or no fatigue. Unhealthy sight is sensed as burning, itching eyes, as blurry and/or grey vision, as teary and achy eyes, and as having a lack of visual clarity, double vision and/or eye fatigue, and is often associated with a lack of mental comprehension and poor attention.
Using the eyes directs and focuses attention and connects you to the environment and space around you, thereby heightening safety and function by using the eyes to engage your spine, to look and see, to move forward and back, up and down, in and out, over and under, across and behind, in a circle, and in small and big ranges of motion. Use your eyes to initiate moving in a direction, to engage the systemic movement of the spine, and to enhance your spatial awareness, and orientation of your body and its parts in space.

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