The 52 Nia Principles

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Nia White Belt Principles:

Principle 1: The Joy of Movement

Sensing Universal Joy

Principle 2: Natural Time and the Movement Forms

13:20 = Our Organic State

Principle 3: Music and the 8BC System

Music Appreciation

Principle 4: FreeDance

Stimulating Movement Creativity

Principle 5: Awareness

Paying Attention to Body Sensations

Principle 6: The Base of the Body

The Feet, the Hands That Touch the Earth

Principle 7: Three Planes of Movement and Intensity Levels

Conditioning the Body

Principle 8: The Core of the Body

Primary Energy Centers

Principle 9: The Upper Extremities of the Body

Creative Arm and Hand Expressions

Principle 10: X-Ray Anatomy

Dynamic Postural Alignment

Principle 11: Creating a Sacred Livelihood

The business of My Body and My Life

Principle 12: Continuing Education

Tools for Transformation

Principle 13: Teaching What You Sense

Sharing the Joy

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Nia Blue Belt Principles:

Principle 1: The Joy of Being in Relationship

Exchanging Energy

Principle 2: The Power of Two


Principle 3: Awareness, Insight, Clarity

Pearls and the realms

Principle 4: Developmental Anatomy

Reaching the Ideal

Principle 5: The Power of Three


Principle 6: Split, Ellipt, Blend

Crafting with Attention

Principle 7: The Nia Class Format

Body, Mind, Spirit

Principle 8: The Power of Silence and Sound

Music, Emotion, Expression

Principle 9: Form and Freedom

The Yin Yang of Nia

Principle 10: FloorPlay

Creative Movement on the Floor

Principle 11: Music, Movement, Magic

Manifesting the Ultimmmate Nia Experience

Principle 12: Observe, Listen, Guide

Co-Creating Movement Change

Principle 13: Vertical Routines

50/50 Movement Transubstantiation

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Nia Brown Belt Principles:

Principle 1: The Joy of Movement in the Zone

Expanding Awareness

Principle 2: Physical Energy

Posture, Walk, Voice

Principle 3: Increasing, Circulating, Utilizing Energy

Creating Sustainability

Principle 4: Mental Energy

Minding Mental Energy

Principle 5: Asleep, Dreaming, Awake, Mindful

Living in Mindfulness

Principle 6: Emotional Energy

Emoting Life

Principle 7: Love, Fear, Peace

The Emotional Root of All Choices

Principle 8: Spirit Energy

Receiving the Mandate of Spirit

Principle 9: Choice and Manifestation

The Realm of High Magic

Principle 10: Symbology

Shaping Consciousness

Principle 11: Energy Beings

Being Multi-Dimensionally Conscious

Principle 12: Choices for Personal Power


Principle 13: Energy Warriors

Living with Impeccability

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Nia Black Belt Principles:

The final 13 Nia Principles are revealed only in the actual Black Belt Training.