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Sammamish Scene - Horse Whisperer

Sammamish Scene - Horse Whisperer

Randee Fox Horse Whisperer

Date Added: October 29, 2015

By David Hayes | Sammamish Scene :: April, 2015

"Instructor Randee Fox uses the power of Nia to connect her students with the natural world."

To the untrained eye, the scene unfolding in the pen looked simply like a horse cantering around the fence line, ignoring the woman in the middle trying vainly to corral the recalcitrant mare.

But then the amazing occurs — the horse stops, as if noticing the woman for the first time. The woman turns her back to the mare and the mare walks up to the woman’s side, as if it were a remorseful puppy remembering that it indeed was taught to heel.

The onlookers are astonished as the duo are now moving as one — the woman leading the horse as if with an invisible rope, the mare keeping within half an arm’s length as they move about the pen.

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