New Day, King5 TV - Nia = Martial Arts + Healing Arts on New Day Morning News Show

NIA Fitness = Martial Arts + Healing Arts

Date Added: January 17, 2013

By New Day Producers | New Day, King5 TV :: January, 2013

"A special offer: Head to, look for a class that fits your schedule/your location and email the Nia teacher, saying you saw this on KING5 5. They’ll give you a special offer if their location allows it."

New Day Producers

"Nia Fitness is a dance workout that includes both martial arts and healing arts.  Jill Pagano stopped by New Day with some other Nia instructors to show what it's all about," producers of the morning television show New Day explain.

Pagano speaks eloquently about the practice and does a demonstration for the studio and television audience.

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