A Weight Lifted - Experiencing My First Nia Class

A Weight Lifted - Experiencing My First Nia Class

Fitness Friday - Experiencing my First Nia Class

Date Added: December 7, 2012

By Melissa - Green Mountain Fitness Intern | A Weight Lifted :: December, 2012

"These words struck an emotional chord with me, they echoed in my head and heart. I heard the words over and over; it was an “A-ha!” moment for me. I thought to myself 'I am welcome here.' Not just in this room, or this job, or this state… I am unapologeticaly welcome here in this universe, this body, this experience. "


"It was the most mindful movement practice I have ever done; I was able to tune out of any self-criticism and tune into sensation at an exponential level. The music pulsed through me and I felt more sensations than I ever thought possible; my hair brushing my back as I danced, the air on my skin, my feet feeling the floor beneath me, and joy of moving freely. I loved how I was invited to deviate from the choreography, alter it, and make it my own."

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