Xnet Lifestyle - The Nia Technique: Moving with Joy

Xnet Lifestyle - The Nia Technique: Moving with Joy

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Date Added: August 6, 2012

By Karin Arad | Xnet Lifestyle :: July, 2012

"In the first Nia class, one needs to overcome self judgment and criticism. We are so used to being in strict relationships at work, within the family, and in our workouts and choices. We are used to people telling us what to do. It is not simple to just move and dance in your body's way as the joy and pleasure principle guides us to. For many it is a path unknown to simply enjoy and sense gratitude and appreciation towards our own body. For this reason only I recommend taking a Nia class and getting to know you."

Karin Arad

Nia is a fun workout and lifestyle. It is based on the body's way, inspired and guided by the joy of movement. Nia teaches us to self-heal, condition our bodies and express our being.

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