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Date Added: March 14, 2012

By Karin O'Donnell | :: September, 2011

"So what's the attraction? Unlike karate (in which I have a brown belt), Nia dance is done at each person's own individual level. You listen to your body and move as much or as little as your body wants to. While everyone follows the basic dance steps and arm movements, just how much we bend or how fast we move depends totally on ourselves and our abilities."

Karin O'Donnell

"Nia instructor Stephanie DeMay has a brown belt in karate. I'm a penguin and Norah Jones is belting out about New York City being such a beautiful disease. Playing at being a cute flightless bird, then a cowboy, then a jazz dancer is just part of the experience of Nia dance. I might not be as graceful as a ballet dancer, but the idea is to have fun rather than sign up for the Royal New Zealand Ballet."

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