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2012 Press - Paula Rath

Date Added: March 7, 2012

By Paula Rath | :: March, 2012

"The music is what first drew me to Nia but the movement and camaraderie are what keep me going back. I’ve been taking Nia classes since it was first introduced in the Islands about six or so years ago. There’s just something about Nia. During class I often find myself laughing and sometimes even crying. It releases my emotions and gives me a feeling of freedom I don’t experience with other forms of exercise. Nia allows time for free dance, which I used to be uncomfortable with because I felt so self-conscious. I am so over that. Free dance is my favorite part of my Nia classes now."

Paula Rath

Fitness innovator Debbie Rosas, co-creator and founder of The Nia Technique, is coming to Oahu to lead a week-long blue belt training session from March 17 through 23 at the Still & Moving Center.

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