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Balance magazine - Let's dance

Balance magazine - Let's dance

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Date Added: February 21, 2012

By Sarah Proctor | Balance magazine :: February, 2012

"Imagine a form of exercise which can move you to euphoria, serenity, empowerment, grace, sensuality, joy, playfulness – more often than not, all of the above, within the space of a one hour class! An exercise which you longed for and counted the days between classes... which transformed your body without you even noticing the 'burn'... one which gives you that youthful 'joie de vivre'. Nia is all of this and more."

Sarah Proctor, Nia Teacher

Sarah Proctor, Nia teacher from York, shares her passion for Nia, a mind-body-spirit dance fusion exercise, which is gaining popularity in the UK since it was developed in the States almost 30 years ago. (See Balance magazine, Spring 2012, pages 134-135.)

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