Sassy Mama Hong Kong - Nia: Non Impact Aerobics that Makes a Big Impression

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Date Added: November 15, 2011

By Tracie | Sassy Mama Hong Kong :: September, 2011

"As the class came to an end, I felt almost like I did as a child bouncing on a trampoline at a birthday party on a sunny summer day. Light in body, carefree in mind and smiling with my soul."

Tracie, Writer for Sassy Mama HK

"When the Sassy Girls asked me if I wanted to review Nia, I was not quite sure what they meant. A fitness technique that I had not only NEVER tried, but had never even HEARD about. After swallowing a humility pill and admitting that I am not the all-knowing fitness Oracle (so much for the 2 hours I spent last weekend learning about the origins of tow-in surfing!), I signed up for a session of Nia. Tracey Fenner, a trained dancer and 5 year student of Nia, is the first instructor to bring the technique to Hong Kong since the method was developed 30 years ago."

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