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Owning Pink - What is Nia?

Owning Pink - What is Nia?

Lissa Rankin and Debbie Rosas

Date Added: September 29, 2011

By Dr. Lissa Rankin | Owning Pink :: September, 2011

"Nia is much more than how to get fit, how to lose weight, or how to have fun free dancing your ass off. It’s about all that, but it’s also about living an embodied life, tapping into your inner healer, feeling the pleasure of every moment of this one wild and precious life, connecting with the Divine within yourself and others, living out your purpose here on earth, and being healthy in all aspects of your life."

Lissa Rankin, MD

After spending a week taking the Nia White Belt Training in Portland, Oregon at Nia International Headquarters with Debbie Rosas, Dr. Lissa Rankin talks about her experience, being "in her body," and how Nia has impacted her life.

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