Spotlight, TV EUROPA HD - Camilla Steen Larsen

Spotlight, TV EUROPA HD - Camilla Steen Larsen

2011 Press - TV EUROPA HD

Date Added: July 6, 2011

By Marwan Dalal | Spotlight, TV EUROPA HD :: July, 2011

"When new students come to me, they feel welcomed, non-judged, and [invited to just have fun]. There's no instructor telling them what to do or not to do."

Camilla Steen Larsen, Owner, StudioNia Denmark

Nia teacher and studio owner Camilla Steen Larsen talks about how Nia has affected her physically, mentally and emotionally. After losing 108 pounds, Camilla describes Nia as a "kind of homecoming." She explains that her relationship with Nia will never end, and says, "I will never sit myself down and say, 'Now I've got it!'"

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