That's Fit (AOL Health) - The Nia Technique: How The Dance Craze Helped Jenny Love Exercising Again

2011 Press - That's Fit (AOL Health)

Date Added: May 17, 2011

By Jenny Block | That's Fit (AOL Health) :: May, 2011

"If I could have conjured up the perfect exercise, it would have real dancing, thoughtful choreography, movements that were mindful about how the body, about how my body works, fantastic music, and some sort of healing and meditative aspects as well. Nuts, huh? Nope, Nia."

Jenny Block

"Nia is based on a belt system White, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black. They are intended for both instructors and those wanting to deepen their practice (although Green is designed solely for instructors). After completing the White Belt, a practitioner can become licensed to teach. Nia Technique is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and provides shockingly comprehensive continuing education for its instructors, which explains why they're so good.

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