New Haven Magazine - A Fitness Potion High on Emotion

New Haven Magazine - A Fitness Potion High on Emotion

2011 Press - New Haven Magazine Cover

Date Added: April 28, 2011

By Karen Pasacreta | New Haven Magazine :: May, 2011

"[Nia] is the most physically comprehensive workout program I know of."

Nancy Hammett, Brown Belt Certified Nia Teacher / Owner of Sound Mind & Body

"Are you ready to learn the secrets of the pleasure principle? All you have to do is let your inhibitions go and dance. No experience required. Get your body moving to jazz, funk, Middle Eastern chants and yes, even disco. It's all in an incredible exercise called Nia, a combination of modern dance, martial arts and yoga that's designed to make you feel good. 

And although all these disciplines may seem like an odd combination, they are blended into beautiful free-flowing arm, leg and whole-body movements to create choreographed routines that are fun, challenging and personally expressive."

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