The Huffington Post - Where Have You Been?

The Huffington Post - Where Have You Been?

Jenny Block - NiaWear

Date Added: December 17, 2010

By Jenny Block | The Huffington Post :: January, 2011

"My Nia dance teacher once told me what Carlos, the founder of Nia, had told her. 'One should walk through life consciously not cautiously.' And I realized that that was it. What I discovered... is that the more aware I was forced to be, the more enjoyable the experience because, well, I did actually experience something. Being aware is something I am still in the process of learning, through Nia actually. A dance practice based in awareness, natural time, and a variety of dance and movement arts."

Jenny Block

Author Jenny Block, a recent White Belt graduate, describes how Nia is helping her to be in the present moment through awareness.  

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