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WONDERWORD - Nia Exercises

WONDERWORD - Nia Exercises

2010 Press - WONDERWORD

Date Added: September 22, 2010

By David Ouellet | WONDERWORD :: June, 2010

"We've made it into WONDERWORD!"

Debbie Rosas

Now featuring a "Nia Exercises" puzzle, WONDERWORD is described as "the world's most popular puzzle," appearing in approximately 225 newspapers around the world. It is estimated that some million people of all ages enjoy solving WONDERWORD puzzles every day.

WONDERWORD first entered syndication in Edmonton and Montreal in 1970. Universal Press Syndicate of Kansas City assumed syndication rights in 1980. WONDERWORD was created by Canadian author Jo Ouellet, and starting in 1980, David Ouellet started helping his mother in the creation of the puzzles. By 1984 David was creating the majority of WONDERWORDs, and his name appeared as co-author in 1994. After Jo Ouellet's untimely passing in 1997, David continued the feature alone.

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