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Seattle Woman Magazine - Every Body Dance

Seattle Woman Magazine - Every Body Dance

2008 Press - Seattle Woman Magazine

Date Added: August 16, 2010

By Ashley Griffin | Seattle Woman Magazine :: May, 2008

"I have met so many wonderful women since dancing Nia, women I respect and admire immensely. It is a place where it is safe to be our true self, and seems to attract people with similar positive attitudes... those who are looking for ways to transform the physical as well as emotional aspect of ourselves."

Jolene Hagin

"In recent years, Seattle's dance scene has grown exponentially – particularly in regard to so-called 'alternative' dance forms like African dance, belly dancing and Nia. Each style caters to a distinct personality, but at their root they share a common thread. While traditional modes of fitness might bore or create anxiety for women, these dance forms invite students to participate in classes regardless of their body type, previous experience or personal fitness level. In doing so, they keep participants interested in achieving better health of mind and body."

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