Australian Natural Health Magazine - The Nia technique

Australian Natural Health Magazine - The Nia technique

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Date Added: August 2, 2010

By Su-lin Sze | Australian Natural Health Magazine :: February, 2010

"When participating in a Nia class you forget about the outside world and learn to let go. Nia focuses on good energy. It is physical and... good for your soul."

Becky, Sydney Nia Student

In the late 1990s, US-based health scientist Dr. Deborah Kern studied the effects of the Nia technique compared to standard aerobics activity on mood, anxiety and self-esteem. Dr. Kern found the Nia technique participants enjoyed an increased sense of well-being 'beyond the physical realm,' many reflecting on the usefulness of the classes in other areas of their life that could be stressful or challenging. Those in the study who stuck to standard aerobics were more likely to mention sensations such as 'feeling tired' or 'feeling hungry' afterwards.

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