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Patriots vs Packers Live Stream Online

Patriots vs Packers Live Stream Online

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Patriots vs Packers Live Stream Online

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The Rocky Mountain franchise is not one of the best in fantasy terms, but it has solid options in CJ Anderson and, above all, Demaryius Thomas.

The Denver Broncos are a poor fantasy franchise. In general this is the feeling you have with them. Their quarterbacks do not offer too many guarantees. Their runners have a lot of name, but they have problems to be healthy. His wide receiver body has two big names, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders , but without a QB that can supply them little they can do.

Trevor Siemian *

Quarterback 2 #: The Broncos are one of those teams in which we sense who will be the main quarterback, but we are not clear who will end the year as starting. With this premise it is difficult to think of Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch as important QB for fantasy. If Lynch manages to be a starter, he could give you some joy, or help you in the owner's bye, but little else.

CJ Anderson ***

Runingback 2 #: CJ Anderson is a player that can make you win any fantasy day . When he is healthy he runs with power and receives passes, but usually he has problems with the injuries. His replacement is the great Jamaal Charles, who say that you do not know about him. He has been one of the best runners in the NFL in the last decade, a god in fantasy with crystal knees . Always like to risk with these types of players, but knowing the risks, should never be your first choice.

Demaryius Thomas ***

Wide receiver2 #: Siempre hay que contar con un jugador como Demaryius Thomas. Es lo que he aprendido tras muchos años jugando a la NFL Fantasy. Cuando eres un WR 1 tan claro en un equipo, siempre sumas. Como los pases vendrán de Siemian o Lycnh, es muy aconsejable tener otro WR de garantías en tu equipo titular, pero es un muy buen jugador para elegir en la ronda 2-3.

Virgil Green

TIght end 3 #: In the draft they chose Jake Butt, and maybe this rookie ended up seeing a lot of the field . The reality is that the team does not have a good TE body. Virgil Green is theoretically the starter and the most he has achieved in an NFL season was 237 yards last year . This unit does not count for fantasy, unless the rookie of a huge surprise.

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