Using the Voice to Release Energy


By: Debbie Rosas  |  February 27, 2009

Hi Debbie:
This is Skye Lamont. I am a Blue Belt Teacher based in Atlanta, GA. I was wondering if you have any information on the 5 Stages of Healing and applying it to the voice. I notice that I have some 'stuff' coming up surrounding my voice, and when I re-took the White Belt back in March with Denise Medved, she had us doing the 5 Stages and sounding the vowels.

When I was in the creeping position, my emotions overwhelmed me, and I started crying and found it difficult to compose myself to continue with the exercise. We were on the last day principle #13. I do notice a tightness in my throat, especially when I am nervous, and I do not have as much confidence in my voice as I do in my body. I do have confidence and power when using TKD style “yes, no, hut etc.”

Dear Sky:
The use of the human voice is one of the most powerful tools for unblocking and moving energy. As adults, we talk using our voices, and this involves control. Sounding, when it is spontaneous, is without control. This is what babies do to release energy, to calm themselves and to also let the world know they are agitated and in need of something. The 5 Stages are primal, non-scripted moves that connect you to moving intimately in your own way. Adding sound releases more stuff that was held inside. This is good. Don't worry about why, or what it is attached to. Let it be. Using vowels is a way to anchor the flow of sound, letting it move without editing or holding back. Seems like you need this kind of release. Remember, crying is The Body's Way to release and clear energy blocks. It is a way to calm the body. It is good medicine.

Debbie Rosas