The Spirit of Nia Tour - Special Edition!


By: Debbie, Carlos, and Jeff  |  April 3, 2009

We hope you enjoy this Special Edition of Natural Time News focused on the Spirit of Nia Tour! It is our way of sharing with you a taste of the magic and love we experienced.
Having the opportunity to meet and dance with so many people on the tour was amazing. Being supported in such a gracious and loving way was seeing the true spirit of Nia in action. Nia herself was Dancing Through Life, our life! The space, smells, sights and sounds in each city we visited filled us with Joy and will carry us forward into the next 25 years. So many people thanked us for creating Nia and said that Nia changed their lives and healed them. We came home knowing in our hearts that we are and have been on the right path doing the work we were meant to do - I, Debbie, helping people “feel to heal,” Carlos bringing people into Joy through the body, and Jeff doing what I have always dreamed of doing—changing the world!
In deep gratitude we thank you, the students, Teachers, and Producers who gave their love, passion, time and energy into making the Spirit of Nia Tour a shining example of The Spirit of Nia. Thanks to Annie for accompanying Carlos and dancing with him along the way. We also thank the Nia Bears, the fluffy little beings who represented dancing in bare (bear) feet, the act that changed the face of fitness. Thanks to the Nia staff for elegantly holding down the fort, supporting Teachers and customers in the way they do. And thank you to Nia for teaching us to follow and trust in the path of love.

May we all continue to listen to our bodies and hearts to make what we do, teach, share and create become an even greater inspiration for people to become more of what they can be.
To you all—thank you for dancing and sharing Nia and life with us. Here's to the next 25 years. May they be filled with even more pleasure and joy!
Debbie, Carlos, and Jeff