Self-Healing - A Practice


By: Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas  |  February 27, 2009

We invite you to use the following simple, yet powerful, Self-Healing practice as you continue to Dance Through Life.

Step 1: Listen
Your body is changing every day. This is what it does, and like the tides that come and go, so does the form, size, shape, fitness, and wellness of your body. Our bodies are in constant change and flux, and it is our job to manage and notice the changes in order to keep feeling good. Developing Body Awareness by listening to the Voice of the Body, sensation, is always the first step towards healing.

This can be done not only in Nia and Nia 5 Stages practices, but also while you Dance Through Life. Simply focus your attention inward, and awaken to the amazing world of sensation.

Step 2: Respond With Love
Becoming good at noticing and sensing daily changes and learning to “tweak” what we do in order to become adaptable to our environment is key to health and well being. Once you listen to your body and are able to sense what needs healing, respond with love by seeking more pleasure and comfort. Continue to listen and respond by choosing what gives you 'feel better' feelings.

Step 3: Celebrate The Changes
When we begin to recognize subtle changes that we know are bringing us closer to our ideal, it is possible to know what to continue to do in order to feel more comfort and pleasure. Compare what was to what is and express gratitude for the healing that has occurred, regardless of how subtle. We can do this even in the midst of dealing with short or long-term illness, or even when dealing with the process of death and dying. Celebrate the healing that has occurred by verbally sharing out loud (to yourself or others) what you notice has changed, improved, and shifted to make you “feel better!”