Reach Out to Touch the Universe


By: Debbie Rosas  |  May 26, 2009

It’s easy to see how profound it is when Mother Earth touches us. Her hands reach out and touch us with her creations. She touches us with her trees, flowers, and plants that entertain all of our senses. Whether it’s by smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing or touching, it’s almost impossible not to breathe deeper, linger longer with our eyes or touch longer with our fingertips to feel the essence of a tulip petal when dancing with and being touched by the earth.

I love to wander through Mother Earth’s museum, nature, for no other reason than to receive her beauty. To me, there’s no doubt that spring is the best time to experience the fullness and richness of Mother Earth’s art and the way her hands touch me with her bounties. When I do, I truly understand the meaning of Life As Art, just one of my many favorite Nia tools and practices that helps me live an extraordinary life in a body. In New York, I did just that. It was raining, something I seem to bring with me to any city I visit - probably a residual from living in Portland, Oregon way too long. Rain is now just a part of me! As I walked along looking at the tulips arranged in such perfection, I thought, “How can I possibly give back and say thanks for all this beauty and for the art that to the earth is so natural?” The only thing I sensed to do was to stop. I did.

I paused, foolishly thinking I was in charge of energetically expressing what I was feeling. As I paused, I sensed my hands moving up to hug and hold me without a conscious command from me. Next, I noticed my hands magically finding themselves resting on the center of my chest over my heart in prayer position. I took this as a sign of my body being guided by The Body’s Way, just doing what it does on its own to express through my hands what I was feeling. Just like we refer to the feet as “the hands that touch the earth” I refer to my hands as “the feet that touch the universe.” My hands and feet uniquely connect me to the world I live in and make me aware of both my physical and energetic experiences.

I now, more than ever, understand the brilliant connection that exists between my hands, my heart, my feelings, energy and the universe. It was the gesture of my hands moving to give gratitude and speak to the Mother Earth to let her know, “I see you; I recognize your gifts, and I honor this planet” that reminded me that I experience all this through my body, thorough The Body’s Way. And there is my way too.

My way is to ceremonially gesture with my hands to the sky and to the earth, giving gratitude for living on such an amazing planet. It is my simple way of reaching out and touching the universe, Dancing Through Life The Body’s Way. But what about Nia’s Way?

I am blessed to be teaching Nia these days, using movement as medicine and helping others to deal with life that sometimes seems to force change, even when we don’t want it. Sometimes it can be challenging to see Life As Art while the life cycles move without stopping, without giving us a heads-up to get ready. The Nia Way has prepared me more than any other thing to live Life As Art. I can honestly say I have greater reverence for what my hands and arms do on their own after my Mother Nature experience, and I have great appreciation for The Nia Way, for what Nia has given to me that makes it easier to deal with feelings, emotions and change. All of my training, from Mother Nature to my Nia training, has taught me receive pleasure and to use pleasure to adapt and avoid struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I do my share of wriggling and arguing with change and seeing and living Life As Art, but I give into pleasure and it all happens more quickly. My life and the Business of Nia continue to give me opportunities to challenge this philosophy and my beliefs around choosing pleasure.

The life of Nia brings us all to the wall of choosing pleasure and being responsible for our own change, transformation and growth. It’s the work we do, and the line between what is personal and professional is thin, almost invisible for us warrior-healers. I guess it’s all in a day’s work of Dancing Through Life and living Life As Art. It’s a good thing we all study the art of moving in a body, tripping on the line of change and growth as the only way to get to the other side. So when you don’t know what to do, stop. Let The Body’s Way show you how to use your hands to give gratitude for what is in the now, connected to this moment.

Here’s to us all Dancing Through Life together, connecting to Joy and Pleasure, and moving to find a totally amazing kind of living, fitness and ecstatic health.