Pure Magic

By: Helen Terry, "Spirit of Nia Tour Groupie"   |  March 9, 2009

I attended four Spirit of Nia Tour events (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Dallas and Austin). Each was a fantastic similar, yet unique, experience. I enjoyed tasting each community and each space (from big to small, recreational to spiritual). I delighted in witnessing Nia, Debbie and Carlos permeating through each person, each space like a delicious hot chocolate syrup. I had an A HA! moment when I realized what I LOVE about Nia now is the same as what I fell in love with the first time I met her. Just now it's deeper, greater, bigger and touching even more lives.

Passion, Community, Fun, Integrity, Depth, Meaning, Entertaining, Transforming, Magic

Nia has a heart beat of pure Magic that just keeps pumping, on and on. Thank you. I LOVE you.

Debbie and Carlos, I deeply appreciate you sharing this work.