Carpe Diem

By: Kristin DeGroat, Blue Belt.  |  July 2, 2009

Thank you for all of your support in making the 2009 Dance Parade a huge success! This town is all abuzz about Nia, representing the accomplishment of a goal I've held since completing the white belt four years ago. I didn't realize upon joining the Dance Parade in the dual volunteer role of DP sponsorship/outreach coordinator and Nia group coordinator that this project would become a full time job (!), but it did. And the tremendous work certainly paid off on Saturday. In addition to establishing relationships with the DP key players and executing every single detail of our Electric Slide Sponsorship, I secured a bonus half-hour Nia demo and wrote the following materials, which will provide a template for next year.

• Nia “Genre Buzz,” feature article in Dance Parade STEPS Newsletter
• Media Advisory capturing Nia's transformative qualities and offering interviews with Debbie
• Dance Parade Police Pads featuring free Nia class
• Rousing emcee introductions for the Main Stage Performance and Demo

Special thanks to Aydika at HQ for making herself available all day, every day - outstanding! I look forward to identifying additional opportunities to champion Nia (Mehmet Oz, here we come!) and assisting whomever takes the lead on the 2010 Dance Parade.

PS: thru DP photos to see Nia on stage here: