A Note From Seattle, WA


By: Randee Fox, Event Producer  |  March 6, 2009

Well, with all of the snow we had in December and January, we certainly lucked out on our 'Spirit of Nia' Seattle day, Saturday, January 24th. It was beautiful and sunny day which turned into a crystal clear, star filled evening outside of the warm and sparkling Dance Underground studio in the heart of Seattle. We had a blast hosting Debbie (with her longer hair) and Carlos (with his shorter hair) and a table full of Nia teddy bears as we celebrated Seattle area’s 'Sprit of Nia' that night, representing the middle or as I like to view it, the 'heart' of their nationwide tour.

Before the class, Debbie and Carlos took the time to share their story and gave us a chance to ask any questions. Then, as if bringing into the studio the dynamic wave of energy that followed in their wake from all of the Nia communities they had just visited, they pulled out all of the stops and presented a wonderfully creative, brilliant and powerful class for us all. We danced this wave with abandon. This included some familiar songs and moves from many of our favorite routines. As well, they presented many new songs and moves that ignited our spirits, pushed our edges and gave us a sweet taste of the creative juices Debbie and Carlos are currently brewing up for future routines. Together, with the love of their life's work and energy blended, they artfully crafted a Nia experience that not only brought together 25 years of mastery, it let all of us know that Nia has certainly found its voice and is here to stay.

What stands out most profoundly for me is 'The Spirit of Nia' sense of community that we have all worked together to create here in Seattle. We have a deep commitment of love, communication, friendship, family and good will for each other, for our students and for Nia. NiaSeattle Teacher volunteers happily offered their assistance before and after the event without hesitation and selflessly worked heart-to-heart to make sure that 'The Spirit of Nia' event flowed professionally and seamlessly. I am thankful to be a part of such a loving and compassionate community of Teachers and students. Sharing what we have all created together and dancing this magnificent community creation with Debbie and Carlos was the best part of the evening for me. At one point I danced at the back of the room and observed the incredible sea of synergy before me. It was then that I noticed the light pouring through Nia's open heart and realized the true meaning of 'The Spirit of Nia'. It's simply love.

Special thanks to:
NiaSeattle Teacher volunteers, Dina Innominato, Sarah Love, Lesley Tinker, Irene Pasternack, Jena Hennessey, Barbara Krauss, Barbara Duff, Anna Israelsson and Tanya Agnew.