A Note From Colorado Springs, CO


By: Loretta Milo, Event Producer   |  March 6, 2009

Producing this event was fun, fantastic and Perfect! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have hosted a stop on the Spirit of Nia Tour.  The Colorado Springs Nia community was thrilled to come together to play with Debbie and Carlos. We had 85 incredible participants from ages 10 to 80. Intimately Perfect! They traveled from points around Colorado; Pueblo, Lamar, Boulder, Denver, and Littleton  to 'Sell Out' the event. Community Perfect!! The  beautiful space of windows, mirrors, red brick and oak flooring was donated by the  Pikes Peak YMCA Downtown Branch in the Spirit of Nia -"Y" Community. So, so, Perfect! January 21st  was the most perfect date!!  In addition to the Spirit of Nia Tour, I was also producing a White Belt Intensive for Helen Terry, Nia Black Belt Trainer, from Houston, Texas. Fourteen (14) White Belt Intensivee's had the opportunity to dance and play with Debbie  & Carlos on day 6 of their intensive...."a full day and night of Nia, I will always remember this day". The WB's each footprinted their autographs for a banner that hung for the Class, "Welcome Home" it read.  The Music was engaging and moving; Passion, Sanjana, and Sexi..ooolala.  The fact that the stereo equipment and the microphones worked without incident; (thank God) was, you guessed it, Perfect!  Nia's Magic was fully present with and through Debbie and Carlos as they guided us in a wonderful evening of dance, community, love and joy.  
As for me..... it was a dream fulfilled. I dreamed of this special day vividly fives years ago. .... Carlos and Debbie here in Colorado Springs with my family, and friends; all of us dancing and playing in Nia's loving energy. In a way, it was my personal "Spirit of Nia" anniversary celebration. And, it was Priceless!! (Bet you thought I was going to say "Perfect") Thank you Jeff, Debbie, Carlos, Tamara, Ivy, and Julia for making the producing of this event smooth and perfect.

Special thanks to:
Chuck Milo, Antonia R. Milo, Nicole Konz, Grace Konz, Heather Henniger, Sally Kennedy, LaSheryl T. Olson, Maggie Schlarb, Melanie Stahl, Helen Terry, Sandy Enke, Analisa Atencio, and the January 2009 White Belt Graduates. So many others just pitched right in to help...you know who you are, and I Thank You!