A Note From Charlottesville, VA


By: Susan McCulley, Event Producer  |  March 6, 2009

The day before the big event, we were expecting Debbie and Carlos to arrive by plane in Charlottesville at around 7pm and our plan was to whisk them off to Anne Wolf's house for a homecooked meal.

Then, winter travel happened.

Debbie and Jeff decided to take the train from Boston and were delayed for 3 hours when their train broke down. Carlos' flight was delayed and when it looked like he wouldn't arrive in Charlottesville from DC until close to midnight, I called Jeanne Catherine and she said, "Let's go get the man." We threw some snacks and CDs in a bag, hopped in her Prius, and drove two hours to Dulles International. Jeanne and I had a precious two hours to talk and catch up both personally and professionally. THEN we had another two precious hours with Carlos talking about life and relationships and that which feeds (and that which kills) the spirit. Ahhh.

The next day was a whirlwind.  When I recapitulate the Spirit of Nia tour, it will be the memory of the three of us bundled in the car, eating apples...connecting.

Special thanks to:
Jill Zagora and the whole team from ACAC, Jeanne Catherine, Anne Wolf, Samantha Lane, Jodi McCall, Pamela Gibson, Mary Linn Leong, Antje Waxman, Candace Grierson, Kat Draego, Chris Friedman, Beverly Wann, Anne, Jodi, Samantha, Antje, Elizabeth Britt, and Kristy Harvey.