A Note From Boston, MA


By: Rosanne Russell, Event Producer  |  March 6, 2009

Shortly before the Spirit of Nia event, one of my students was sharing with me her excitement about the Spirit of Nia class.  "When I meet Debbie & Carlos, I think I will cry." she told me, "Nia has changed my life." It was one of those priceless teacher moments, the validation that the work I represent and joyfully share -- has in fact truly touched someone. And, it was also a reminder to me why, as a producer, I love co-creating such events like the "NiaBoston Class - Spirit of Nia Tour 2009."

NiaBoston was delighted to be the second city to help kick off the tour on January 14th.  The event was held at the Boston Ballet Grand Ballroom in Boston, a spectacular space! (We danced in this space for the Book Tour in 2005, and were excited to return again with Debbie & Carlos almost 4 years later to the day!) The community buzzed with excitement upon learning that D&C were coming and when tickets went on sale, 140 spots sold out in 6 days!

There is something magical that happens when many Nians get together in a one place. It is true, "The More the Merrier!" and, you can't be more merrier than when you are dancing with 140 people with Debbie & Carlos! January 14th was a record-breaking cold evening -- but, you would not have guessed at the amount of heat that was generated with our Nia PASSION!

One of the greatest gifts, I feel the Spirit of Nia tour brought to us was the opportunity to be together as a community.  To dance, to laugh, and that night -- to embrace Debbie, Jeff, Carlos & Annie and welcome them into our community! But, in addition to the NiaBoston community -- that evening, I also felt the boundless community of all who hold Nia in their hearts celebrating with us -- the Spirit of Nia!

Special thanks to:
Georgia London, Robyn Maltz, Maria Skinner, Amy Warshawsky, Jane Clayton-Matthews, Allison Wright, Cassandra Horii, Julianne Corey, Julianne Beauregard, Jacqui Gross, Janice Kahn, Norie Mozzone, Ana Ayvazian, Annmarie Scully, Donna McGurk , Bonnie Wallace, and Jen Silverberg.