A Note From Albuquerque, NM


By: Diane Agnew, Event Producer  |  March 6, 2009

My favorite part of planning the Albuquerque Spirit of Nia tour was seeing the community of Teachers and Belts come together to grow our event from a 60-student event to a 160-student event in a matter of 9 days. My original venue could only host around 60-65 students and a week before the event I was going to have to turn students down because we were sold out of the event. After a full Friday on the phone with my amazing assistant and mentor Beth O’Neall, and various venues in Albuquerque, I decided to see if we could grow our class list to 100 and then commit to a larger space. By Monday I had met my goal of 100 attendees, so I booked the larger event and enlisted the help and energy of Teachers and Belts in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas to get as many people at the event as possible. The energy and support that the Nia community offered me during the process of planning the event and on the day of the event was beyond what I imagined and warms my heart immensely just thinking about it. I could not have done the event without all of their support, energy, and devotion to making the Albuquerque Spirit of Nia event the largest Nia event in Albuquerque’s Nia history. The community that came out for the event was energized, eager, and a joy to dance with.

Producing the Spirit of Nia event was a very exciting and amazing experience, one that I will always remember and treasure. Thank you Debbie and Carlos!

Special thanks to:
Beth O'Neall, Peter Agnew, Sarah Mitchell, Ana Edwards, Erin Damour, Kristine Susco, Carl Parker, Kate Davis, Kevin Kirk, Siobhan O'Neall, Holly Curtis, UNM, Lesmen's Music, and all of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Teachers