From NON Dancer to Dancing Fool!

By: Stef Cheneby, Altadena, CA  |  May 26, 2009

I am a guy and a non dancer. I always had an issue with dancing. I always refused to dance.  It was a big issue for me.

It was a big step ahead to go to the first Nia class. Andrew made is very easy and simple for me and I caught myself moving my body in ways I would have never imagined I would do.

At the end of the first class, I told myself I would do it again. I felt really great.

I came back and loved it even more.

Now I keep going to Andrew’s class three times a week when I can.

I am pretty athletic and enjoy most outdoors activities (Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking, Jogging, Hiking, Kayaking, etc...) I always found a way to ignore my limitations and keep going. I even developed some pain in my low back and hamstrings and was really good at ignoring it…

Nia brought me awareness about motion I was not aware of. My body feels different and better. I addressed some challenges I knew I had. It is helping me in my skiing, and other sports and in my everyday life (both physically and emotionally).

I am more flexible (my hamstrings and low back feel better). I am working muscle groups I never worked before and reinforcing the muscle groups I have always worked…

I am more aware of my body. More aware of the way I walk, the way I hold my neck and shoulders. Now I follow my arms with my eyes…

I also discovered how I wanted to understand the whole thing before I did it or master something to go to the next one. I go to the class, and I enjoy everything, accepting that I get better with every class and now I can do some of the routines and move other parts of my body at the same time: IT FEELS GREAT!

And today I touched my toes while stretching…wow, what an accomplishment in less than 20 sessions.

I thought I had to be a dancer to do Nia….I discovered it is available to anyone, and so easy and so amazing. I am grateful to have discovered the joy of movement.

Thank you Andrew for your amazing classes. Thank you Chele for “insisting” I try it. Thank you Carlos & Debbie for coming up with this amazing idea.

Stef Cheneby
Altadena, CA