Nia Practices That Promote Healing


By: Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas  |  February 27, 2009

Exercise is almost always part of the prescription for healing, no matter what the disease or imbalance. The Nia experience, which is exercise and beyond, not only provides healing for the body, it also provides healing for the mind, heart and soul. Nia is movement medicine, because at the same time it heals, it teaches people to cultivate moving and living in joy, pleasure and comfort, to express themselves using emotional energy, and to connect to their own unique spirit, whether alone or in community. Just one dose a day, for as little as ten minutes, can make any body feel better.

Classic Nia
Classic Nia is medicine that heals because movement heals, especially aerobic, cardiovascular movement that uses the body, sound, expression, space, time, and music creatively. As a movement program founded in and built on the science of The Body’s Way, Classic Nia is healing because it respects Every Body. In other words, Your Body’s Way becomes your initiation into moving, dancing, and into experiencing the dance of Self-Healing. As you dance and move to music, you tap into the wisdom of the body; turning on the wisdom we call Sensory IQ. This is a healing wisdom that speaks through the Voice of the Body - sensation. Nia’s method of blending concepts and moves from the Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts, converges into a workout experience many call the, “Love Your Body Workout.” Why? Because everything about Nia is achieved through love - from fitness, to healing, to lifestyle benefits. The results go beyond the walls of the gym, affecting every part of one’s life, including relationships, even to the point of expanding the perception of what healing means.

Nia 5 Stages
The Nia 5 Stages Practice is medicine that heals because it is what the body does naturally as it develops and first learns to walk. Revisiting the stages in an adult body facilitates improved alignment and functioning, which is why we call it The Body’s Way Self-Healing practice. A daily dose of five simple moves, spending as little as one minute in each stage, will deliver the “feeling better” feeling we call healing. It is the one movement pill you can take that will naturally realign your now body into the healed future body. Purpose refers to the “reason” behind doing what you do. In the case of the 5 Stages, the purpose is to activate the process of healing.