Join us for the Dance Parade!


By: Nia Technique, Inc.  |  April 13, 2009

Join Us Saturday, May 16th, 2009 in New York City!

What could be more fun than dancing down Broadway in New Your City? Well, you can join us! We are proud to announce that Nia is a Sponsor for the third annual NY Dance Parade. The Parade moves down Broadway, ending at Tompkins Square Park where workshops, performances, a Nia demo performance, class and massages will be offered. Debbie Rosas will be there, and so far Nia has the second highest registrations of any company with over 100 dancers already registered. Communities from all over are invited to join us. How can you participate?

You can—
1. Personally sign-up to dance in the parade at 
2. Volunteer to help with Dance Parade by contacting Kristin DeGroat at
3. Create a Nia Field Trip, and come to NY with a group of your friends to dance, see New York, and play with other Nia teachers and students from around the world!

Let’s fill the streets and share the joy of Nia with New York! Registration and participation is free!
For more information please contact Mel Alvarez at or visit