What’s It All About?


By: Debbie Rosas  |  August 28, 2009

We are having a revolution: The Revolution of Self. This is an apex in our evolution, a revolution of culture and consciousness. I believe this could be one of the most significant apexes of our collective evolution since the industrial revolution.

Recent events have shaken us to our core, allowing us (and forcing some of us) to reflect and refocus. All over the world, people are reevaluating their values and their relationship with self and community. As a result, there is a new consciousness emerging in and around us. It is an energy wave touching and affecting everything we do, a measurable wave of change and transformation offering us a new vision and purpose for humanity. I feel this energy in my core; I feel it deep in my cells. It’s as if there is a new kind of power and beauty stirring the creation of a sacred body, a sacred life, a sacred business, a sacred lifestyle for our children, family, community and selves to benefit in ways we cannot even imagine. It is an energy inviting us to ask, “What matters to me? Where do I find my purpose? What inspires me to get up everyday and do what I do?”

I’m in awe when I think about the fact that it is the year two thousand and nine, and thousands of years ago we were doing exactly the same thing we are doing now: seeking a better, more fulfilling life in a body. As I see it, since the invention of the wheel, we have been people in motion, seeking ways to experience ourselves as both separate and as parts of this amazing universe. I believe the cave man/woman felt no different than I do, gazing up at the stars wondering, “What’s it all about?” Somehow we knew then and still know: we are all connected to the sun, moon, earth, stars and to each other; all spirits living in the same yet different body.

Today, a thriving industry evolves around helping people become more conscious, healthy and (hopefully) more civilized. I think this is what we believed would result from creating tools. Tools make life easier, allowing us time to pursue more meaningful lives, not lives full of more stuff. As a caveman, what was considered “better” revolved around the ease of getting food, shelter and clothing; basically, ways to feel more comfort, live happier, feel successful and be seen as a success in our community. Is it really any different today? I think not. No matter what we do, we hope it leads to a better, more fulfilling life in a healthy body.

We live in a beautiful time. Something has stopped us in our tracks from doing things that were unfulfilling. People are saying, “I would rather make nothing doing something I love than be rich doing anything that does not fulfill me. I want be deeply fulfilled and spiritually satisfied.”

Yes, things are changing and it is more than a shifting of jobs. Our entire world and culture is changing. One dynamic of having the desire to be more fulfilled is the fact that we get to look at our core motivators. Do people want bigger biceps; do they want more self-esteem; do they want to look good in bed and have more energy? Peer group conversations are now revolving around a new kind of dialogue, a conscious one in which people are saying, “I want to feel better. I want to find my purpose. I want to be better person. I want to live a long, healthy and active life. I want to give back.”

This is real cultural shift and as human beings, we are all a part of it. I am excited and inspired. Already I feel that the world is less stressed; there is a sense of calm. Now we have had time to get over the initial shock of abrupt change, we can see our world is not going to end, that somehow we will all survive. I have a friend who lost his job and had to scale way back - and now he is happier than he has ever been.

Recognizing our truth and being aligned with our own values is empowering. It’s true I can’t jump as high as I used to, but I’m having fun, and at fifty-eight, I feel more alive than I ever have. I can’t run as fast as I used to, but I feel content in who I am, I know my purpose and I get to live it out every day as I share Nia. For all of us practicing personally or teaching Nia professionally, we get to Create a Sacred Livelihood for our community and ourselves every day. We are blessed to have Nia in our life. At any given moment, we know we can kick off our shoes, get up, move and dance, and we’ll feel our self and our purpose come alive, speaking to us through our cells saying, “You are on the right track; you are living your purpose!”

It’s two thousand and nine and a lot has changed since our caveman days, but one thing hasn’t: we are still connected to the sun, moon, earth and stars. Today I think I’ll slice a moment out of my day to explore and express myself and my life through my body, for this is my tool. It will be for me a creative and sacred experience, using this tool, one that adds to my livelihood, to the bank account of my spirit and soul, as this is what keeps me healthy and happy. When asked what I am here to do, I always say, “I am here to help people feel to heal!” This is my purpose, what I hold in my heart, so when I go about the business and life, I am living a Creative Sacred Livelihood.

What is your purpose? What can you do today to begin Creating a Sacred Livlihood for yourself and the world?