The Gift of Words


By: Debbie Rosas  |  December 4, 2009

They say words are powerful. I believe it. After nearly thirty years of teaching movement, using what I say and do to help people heal, get fit and stay healthy, I have come to understand how important what I say is. In Nia, we instruct our Teachers to consciously use three unique kinds of language: mechanical, poetic, and sensory. Our language is designed to support whole body movement, using words to stimulate both the calming and excitation of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. We use words to keep people in their sensing and feeling body and out of their thinking mind. I don’t know about you, but considering the state of the world, anything I can do to calm down and relax is important.

The gift of words below is designed to help you relax, calm down, and feel better. Use these words to re-center after working out, or to remember what’s important after a challenging day at work. Use these words to help take care of you, your body and your life.

Breathe, dear one. Smell the moment. Breathe deeply, easily. Exhale and sense your breath as soft. Release your lower jaw and sense your neck and shoulders as fluid. Allow the desire to relax to become a sensation you feel inside and around you.

Place the tip of your tongue against the top of your palate, behind your teeth. Exhale deeply and sound, “ahhhhhh.” Become aware of your body, noticing your how your body parts are touching or resting against something. Become aware of the areas of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit that no longer serve you. See and sense them melting away so what remains around you is a puddle of energy on the floor, a puddle of things you no longer need. Sense this puddle as liquid release, as stress gone.

Exhale and sense the melting away of any negative thoughts, attitudes, beliefs or sensations. Melt away any doubt or fear. Turn your fears into liquid, nurturing water, a resource for cultivating renewed vitality and enhanced wellbeing. In this moment see your life, every experience you have had, as a step bringing you into this moment, here, Now. Inhale and sense the space inside you filling with gratitude and appreciation for the path you have walked and will continue to walk.

As you exhale, what remains is a quality of lightness inside you, more space to experience the fullness and richness of your life. Inhale and sense your body as opening up, slowly and tenderly. Exhale and sound, “U…O…A…E…I…” Repeat this sequence until you feel your body and breath as one, until the sound of your voice is steady and full. Inhale deeply, sensing the space inside you growing. As you feel more space inside, sense a deeper connection to the space around you. Sense the outline of your body growing and expanding outward so you begin to sense yourself as the center of all things, the center of the universe. In your own time, and in your own way say, “relax,” and notice your body and breath surrendering into ease and comfort. Give yourself time to just be. Sense the healing that occurs by taking a few moments to nurture your self. Connect to the sensation of Pleasure. Sense the Pleasure of breathing. Sense the Pleasure of moving your head and spine gently. Rest into what supports you from underneath. Be. Inhale and exhale slowly. On the “out” breath, release, melt and fall deeply into the sensation of relaxation. Recognize in this moment how nothing is required from you. Sense the Pleasure of soft eyes, soft facial muscles and soft bones.

Using your voice, say, “As I move I will move in Pleasure. I will guide my body and choose movements to feel Pleasure. I will stay connected to the sensation of myself, connected to the sensation of being revitalized, replenishing the 75 trillion cells of my body. My mind is relaxed. I am clear now. My heart is open. I see pathways and choices for me. My spirit is alive. I am ready to receive messages from my body, mind, emotions and spirit. I am listening.”

With your mouth open, sense your jaw relaxed, your neck soft. Say aloud, “My organs are vibrating at the perfect frequency to support me in silencing my mind and heal my body. I am healing. I am love. I am light. I am abundant. I am whole. I am in peace, in harmony. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment, in this time. I am open. I am forgiving. I am humble. I am grateful. I am gracious. I am wise, body-wise. I am intelligent, Sensory IQ intelligent. I am creative, mind-creative. I am resilient, emotionally resilient. I am physical, physically resilient. I am spiritual, spiritually resilient.”

Slowly inhale deeply, through your nose and exhale the sound “ahhhhh” through your mouth, sensing a warm and gentle vibration in your chest. Begin to move slowly, as if in water and sense your body being nourished. Notice how the puddles around you, melted wax of your stress on the floor, are absorbed by the earth. What remains is your innocent self.

Say, “My cells are renewed. I am alive, receptive to what will come. My eyes open, my body aware, I am connected in a new way to the space and people around me. My heart is open, my mind is alert and my body is filled with love and light.”

Exhale deeply and connect to the earth through your feet, the hands that touch the earth. Say, “I inhale and fill my mind with hope, imagination, and consciousness to create greatness. I exhale into my heart and listen to the voice that leads me on a path to reaching my human potential. I am filling my spirit with the essence of love, my birthright. I exhale and awaken to my life, lived through my senses, through my body. Now I dance through my life into the next moment, relaxed, alert, and waiting for what is to come. I am in peace and in harmony.”