Nia Tips to Transform Your Body and Your Life

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By: Nia  |  December 4, 2009

Dance Through Life using these Nia tips to transform your body and life while "on the go".

  • Walk through life, using your hands to connect to space and the world around you, tickling the space, wiping it, pushing and pulling it. Be aware that even though the space seems empty, the molecules feel you touching them. Touch the space and your upper body will send your lower body a message to connect the top with bottom, helping you move systemically.
  • Speak with your hands, integrating hand gestures into your communication, using both hands and fingers to move stress and energy out of your body and into the space around you.
  • Acknowledge life by touching and receiving the sensations of texture, temperature, shape and Pleasure. Consciously touch, hold and caress, pausing long enough to receive emotional nourishment from what you touch, helping you slow down and breathe deeply.
  • Each time you stop driving and get out of your car, turn two imaginary doorknobs in and out with both hands for at least 30 seconds, sensing your forearm bones rotating in and out to relax your forearm muscles, wrist joints, hands and fingers.
  • When watching TV or at the movies, change the directions of your palms to balance your energy, turning your palms from down to up and up to down as a scene changes.
  • Walk and sense relaxation in your elbows. Maintain soft and pliable elbows to help keep your shoulders, chest and back relaxed.
  • When reaching for an object, sense the elbow pushing your hand forward to avoid tensing the neck and shoulders.