Animals Living In a Grand Kingdom!


By: Debbie Rosas  |  February 27, 2009

One of the things I find so compelling about South Africa is how easy it is to stay in my body. I find it effortless to be aware of what is happening inside and outside of me. I must say I did not expect to feel this or to see the South African people in such a romantic, somatic, body centered, animal way. In hindsight, it makes sense.

Where else in the world can you find so many different animals walking around so elegantly in their own skin, moving about connected to themselves and to their environment, and living life through the senses in such an extraordinary and magnificent way? Only in Africa.

I believe the animal kingdom in Africa is constantly speaking to us, reminding us human beings that we hold precious, energetic keys that can be seen and felt as beauty, what we call the resonance of power and grace.

I am sure to go home changed from my experience in Cape Town. My 75 trillion cells have a renewed sense of the feminine, a tender power and grace, a soft voice and a softness inside that feeds my desire to transform my Nia and walk into more of a leopard-like dance! While I can’t completely convey what I feel, I can share with you a few Nia tips that just might bring you closer to having your own animalistic, in body, living through senses, African experience.

  • See and breathe in the world through the eyes and lungs of the great cat. Consciously relax your eyes and lungs. These parts of your body - the ocular (eyes) and respiratory (lungs) - are in constant use and in constant activity. They need you to help them remain relaxed.
  • To help keep your eyes relaxed, engage your animal soft eyes and expand your peripheral vision. Soft eyes help you let go of rigid fixed eyes that constrict eye muscles and limit taking in the beauty of the world around you. Relaxed eyes keep your entire body internally soft and sensitive to everything going on in and outside of you.
  • To breathe in the resources of the world, exhale longer and make quiet sound to help your lungs fully empty and fill more naturally. Quiet animal breathing is the most natural way to stay connected to self and the world around you. It is always powerful, graceful, and is never forced.
  • To remain connected to life through your senses, look and see. It is through the eyes we first sense to see and interpret body position (shape). Next, a balance mechanism found in our inner ear, along with muscles, joints, and skin kick in. Like all animals, we are coded to sense action, not think it.

From my time in Africa, I am forever reminded that I too am an animal in a grand kingdom. May I learn to be as gracious and elegant as the people and animals I saw there. Step into your animal body and dance like the gracious animal you are.