3 Mindful Tips to Improve Your Fitness Plan

Is your fitness regime conditioning your whole body?

Cardio and strength training fitness is in, and many of those programs pride themselves on providing training that conditions the entire body. Is lifting weights and running marathons actually working your TOTAL body? At Nia we include what other fitness programs are missing.

Here are 3 things any fitness buff can learn from Nia!

1. Working IN while working OUT.

In Nia you will sweat, re-focus and re-center your mind while feeding your soul and your muscles. Weight and strength training can change the landscape of a body, but often lack mindful practice. Each Nia class consists of mindful conditioning and relaxing in the midst of peak cardiovascular aerobic exercises. During your next cardio or strength training workout, allow your inner thoughts to clear with controlled in-and-out breathing as you sweat, pump, and tone.

2. Listen to The Body.

Applying a large amount of pressure on the joints and bones increase your chance of injury. Nia, on the other hand, encourages listening to the body and adapting movement to YOUR body’s needs. Next time you visit the gym, focus on the sensations of the movement in your body and explore what feels good. The Nia practice will prevent injury and keep you working out longer.

3. Provide the body with a well-balanced movement regimine.

Nia’s movement practice is a balanced mixture of elongating arm extensions, rotating joints, fluid movements, quick punches, and a range of personalized moves that “feel right” for the individual mover. Strength training and running, on the other hand, consists of repeated motions that can decrease the extension of the muscles and joints, eventually limiting an athlete’s range of motion. Nia makes a great addition to stretching and warm ups for athletes. Expand your movement diet and maintain your mobility by incorporating a more diverse range of movement through Nia.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than a toned body, take time to tune your mind and broaden your movement diet for ultimate performance at the gym and in life!


By Abby Thompson, Team Nia

Photo by Pexels