Improve the Quality of Your Life!

Many of us live a life where productivity and efficiency are valued and celebrated. With our phone at our fingertips we connect with others, promote ourselves, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. In a multitude of ways, it is awesome. We are efficient with our time, have access to endless amounts of knowledge, and keep in touch with those we love. And yet, sometimes we get a little carried away with our phone screen time.

A University of Maryland study found excessive screen time actually lowers your overall quality of life because it disconnects you from activities that improve your life, such as being with friends, reading a book, or riding your bike. By taking time to disconnect from our screens, we can participate in activities that will improve our quality of life. Life requires balance, and balance will promote more in-the-moment joy we cannot experience in front of a screen.

Here are 5 ways to keep your screen time balanced with your personal time.

  1. Use a REAL alarm clock - avoid the temptation to reach for your phone and begin scanning through your messages and emails.
  2. Schedule time throughout the day to check your email, social media, etc.
  3. Move your body daily - get up from your desk, go outside, take a Nia class - get that blood flowin’!
  4. Meet your friends in person - ditch the 20 minute text conversation.
  5. When you find a moment alone, instead of scanning your phone, breathe, count the ways you are grateful, and take it as a moment to be observe the world around you.

Hands down, technology is amazing. But let’s be conscious with when and how we use our time. Spend those first few minutes of the morning breathing in what you want to cultivate in your day, rather than scrolling through Facebook.


By: Katie Janovec, Team Nia
Photo by Pexels