#IAmMovement | Join Us!

Post and share with the #IAmMovement project! Tell us who you are and why you move!

The beauty of Nia is that it reaches into the hearts of people, places, and cultures around the world. We share the dance floor together, but we are also each individuals with different passions and purposes. Our goal is to connect the vast international community by celebrating and sharing the unique spirit of each Nia mover.

Define who YOU are and why YOU move, through status updates and/or photos!


1. In a status or photo share -- > I AM ________. I MOVE ________.

2. Use #IAmMovement to connect your post with the Nia community

3. Share on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.


  • I AM a mother. I MOVE to maintain a strong body to care for my children. #IAmMovement
  • I AM a leader. I MOVE because I love my body! #IAmMovement


Need ideas to get started?

I AM an Educator. I AM Intuitive. I AM Athletic. I AM a Dancer. I AM a Chef. I AM a Grandmother. I AM a Business Owner. I AM a Poet. I AM an Artist. I AM an Urban Dweller. 

Or Create Your Own! 

Share your passion for movement with the world! #IAmMovement