Nia 4 Teens

The careless summer days, the pressure of high school, the awkward clothing choices…the teenage years. Sound familiar? Many of us have fond and not so fond memories of our adolescent years. A time of exploration, fun and sometimes, lacking in creativity.

German Nia teacher Annette Girps recognized that her teenage children and their friends needed their own Nia class to express themselves and shine their movement potential. She writes, "They LOVE to dance, some of them are not willing to 'perform' in a classic hip hop or dance class, but they still want to move to and with the music."

Annette found instead of leading them in a Nia class, the teens needed to have ownership over their movement and create their own Nia dance moves. Annette worked with the teens for 6 months and together created a routine they titled, "Unique". In June they held a class for their friends and family to dance WITH them!

Annette’s 6-month Nia classes for teens:

● We always begin in a circle - each teen shares an emotion from the past week.
● Teens bring their own music and decide which song suits their 7 cycles.
● They use FreeDance and find the clicks to create choreography.
● Teens learn the Nia 8 beat counting system (which they are GREAT at!)
● ALL the teens lead the final routine TOGETHER in the last two classes .

Walking away, the teens shared they were "content, happy, and impressed" with their accomplishment. Some of them now even attend Nia classes!

Interested in teaching Nia to teens? Check out Annette’s site and support the joy of youthful movement!

By: Katie Janovec, Team Nia
Photo by Annette Girps