Nia Philippines Jamming With 193 Participants!

Despite it being a gloomy and rainy Saturday afternoon on July 18, we were in high spirits as we prepared to provide a beautiful Nia experience for 193 participants (YES 193!!). We headed over to Copylandia, a local company in Metro Manila, to host the biggest Nia Jam ever in the Philippines! OKAY, admittedly we were a little nervous, but mostly excited!

The venue was huge and airy. The participants started streaming in, all smiling with a look of curiosity on their faces. During setup, we discovered our headset microphones were not working. How will we be heard with a roomful of 193 moving bodies?! As soon as the music started, the non-working headset microphones became a non-issue. It was quite exciting to see men, women, elderly, a cancer survivor, and a great number of young people dancing in the same space. How exciting that 75% of the participants were MEN, a first for Nia Philippines. The energy was fun, playful and electric. Seeing them let go and enjoy the music and movement, was a rewarding sight - it truly did create “magic”.

The event was part of the health and wellness program that Copylandia, like many socially responsible companies in the Philippines, provides for their employees. Nia Philippines has been involved in other similar corporate initiatives and we will continue to expand our involvement in corporate wellness programs, NGOs, and Crisis Centers. We’ve already been asked to come back for more!

There are now 4 Nia Teachers - Lourdes Jimenez, Tina Juan, Julie Ang and Cecilia Schrijver - in the Philippines holding 8 weekly classes in 4 different regions. Another first for Nia Philippines is the White Belt Intensive coming to Manila in November. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and like our Facebook page Nia Philippines. Exciting times ahead!

Read about Nia in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, published August 4, 2015.

By: Green Belts Julie Ang and Cecilia Schrijver
Photo by Cecilia Schrijver