TEDWomen 2015 series! Debbie Rosas shares her Journal

Today we launch our #TEDWomen2015 series!  Debbie Rosas shares the highlights focusing on women with bold ideas who are creating movement and momentum in how we think, live and work.

Walk with Debbie as she shares the brilliance and inspiration of #TEDWomen2015 before it hits the video playlists!

Arriving at TEDWomen

I arrive early Wednesday morning to Monterey, CA, fresh off spending two days with my mother and sister near Santa Cruz. After I check into my hotel and gather my bearings, I feel a mix of excitement and fear, as I have never been to a TEDWomen conference before. I walk into my first event and sit in a moon-shaped couch looking directly into the middle of a black stage. As I tune into the women chatting around me, I realize the networking taking place is nothing I have experienced before.  The atmosphere feels far less competitive, more genuine and open. With a twinkle in her gaze, the morning host, Courtney Martin, invites us to become part of the global community of TED. I start to cry, not because of what she is saying, but because I know I am blessed to be in this room. I am privileged, I am full of gratitude, and I feel at home in this room of thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries.

One such visionary behind TEDWomen, elegantly walks on stage and introduces herself.  Pat Mitchell, co-curator of TEDWomen is the former first female president and CEO of PBS.  I feel her passion and drive, as she delivers a stellar and masterful message of her desire to find people driving new innovations in the world. She sets the focus for TEDWomen: Momentum, defined as: moving forward, gaining speed, and building traction. The three days will be filled with speakers and performers based on words associated with Momentum: spark, surface, seduce, sustain and the following day: shift and share. Combined, she says, you get the very best momentum. I feel captivated and focused and feel the energy rising.

Another beautiful part of the mastery in curating TEDWomen is music. Linda Briceño, a Venezuelan performing artist/activist, trumpeter, singer, big-band leader and an advocate for change, added just what my brain needed, music. In 2012, Linda was recognized as a Young Global Shaper for her efforts in developing empowerment strategies for young artists. Jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis once said, “There is a weight in her sound, weight, weight. This you either have it or you don’t, and it is very unusual for such a young person to have it the way she does.” I feel what his words say. She sings about matters that concern her, and with each word, each sound of the trumpet, each stroke of the keyboard, every part of her, she created music with a message.  I loved it.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as I dive into a multitude of meaningful speakers from #TEDWomen2015!”