Manifesting Magic with Ann Christiansen In Hamburg, Germany

In Nia, we often say "Magic" - and in the course of our educational program Mystery and Magic are already introduced in the Nia White Belt, the first of Nia’s five training levels.

I had my first "Magic" happen in my very first Nia class that I took back in 1997. It was Mystical and Magic both at the same time. I did not really click with the music that was playing. I felt awkward. I had the "wrong" clothes on. It was a bit cold in the room and the teacher kept using words that felt strange to me as "movement cues". She said things like "earth & heaven" or just "reach"; another cue was "invite your hips into the move and sense...". I was not used to this language and also not to repeating moves again and again and making them have "variations on the theme".

I also did not quite understand how to "invite" my hips into the move- to me my hips where already there!

Then IT happened, despite all these barriers which came from me, and my up to this day experiences in my life, I felt a deep connection to my feet! It was like I had roots and grounding for the very first time. It was a flash that went through my whole being and body, and it was just a spark of Joy- the Universal Joy! Later I found out that the song that IT happened in was called Medicine Woman.

That feeling of being completely connected and whole, as One with Self and Everything Else, continues to be the core vibration that connects me to my Nia technique practice. I later went on to visit the white belt intensive in 1998, and I can perhaps now say "the rest is history". My first year with white belt became so important and profound; I was able to visit the white belt 4 times. producing the training in Germany, Sweden and later also in Switzerland.

This wonderful connection, feeling and sensing barefoot feet dancing is accompanying me now, 19 years later, as I am presenting Nia in many places giving trainings and playshops.

This particular playshop that I would like to share with you in pictures was called Happy Feet, Happy Body! I could welcome many new to me Nia people who never experienced a classic Nia class format of 60 minutes with 7 cycles. I had 2 hours and I invited everyone to experience a few of the Nia foot techniques to connect back to my own Mystical Magic and original connection to Nia. We then played with many lovely Nia songs with both Form, Nia moves, and Freedom—expressing our own unique dance.

A playshop with a longer experiential part gives the participants time to explore and create an emotional connection to many of the different tools we use in Nia- Mystical Magic in the Form and Freedom.

Now I find myself using the cues that I found strange in the beginning. Earth, to go down, Heaven to reach up and I certainly ask students to "invite" bodyparts, to sense them and dance with them, to enhance the technique and to explore on their own.

I crafted many playshops/workshops during my years as a Teacher and Trainer, and I love the creativity that the container of Nia gives me- so many choices and options to craft the Mystical Magic. I feel fulfilled and touched how this work can touch peoples’ bodies in a very simple yet complex way.

One participant in the playshop, male, who dances 5 rhythms and other more freedance style practices explained that he felt he was "sweating in his brain" while organizing our fastclock patterns! He was extremely pleased with the intriguing, intelligent use of the mind/body connection in Nia and will now go search for Nia classes to have a regular practice.

Take a moment and visit the playshop in pictures and feel the Joy- let the inspiration flow and allow the Mystical Magic to accompany your Movement Practice. I am receiving Self-Healing every time I dance Nia!

Ann Christiansen   -  Nia Faculty Trainer

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