Nia + Wanderlust

Nia + Wanderlust 

We love music festivals, the feel, the air, the community and the experience…

Add yoga and you have Wanderlust, the popular international yoga festival filled with community, music and now Nia!

This summer, Jule Aguirre, a Nia Trainer and mind-body practitioner of 28 years, will bring Nia to Wanderlust Aspen.  Yoga and Nia are complementary in-body movement practices that invigorate, cleanse, balance, center and heal.  Nia brings a unique element of self expression through dance and martial arts dynamics.

Aguirre, like many other Nia trainers and teachers, recognizes the indescribable joy of introducing Nia to new students. There is a special and exhilarating feeling that comes with the eye-opening sensation of participating in first-time Nia movements.

Aguirre named one of her upcoming Wanderlust classes after a routine set to an inspirational Moby song.  Coincidentally, Moby was chosen as one of the musical acts to perform at Wanderlust this summer. Aguirre shared, “What synchronicity! I have visions of Moby dropping into my class, dancing Nia with me and all of the conscious-moving-Wanderlusters!”  

Visiting the Colorado area this summer?  Join Jule for a Nia class and check out Wanderlust;

The Aspen-Snowmass Wanderlust Festival will be held from July 2-5.

Catch Jule’s Wanderlust classes:

Saturday, July 4th 8-9:30am

Sunday, July 5th 10-11:30am 

Jule Aguirre shares her Nia joy of movement classes daily in Dallas, Texas.  

Find her at