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Dream Routine

Dream Routine

Dream Routine

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas
Release Date: December, 2014
Focus and Intent:

The focus of Dream, “agility,” engages the neuromuscular actions of starting and stopping, playfully challenging balance, and holistically improving the reflexive and voluntary actions of the nervous system. You’ll love how the repetition of the patterns and moves gives you time to build the choreography from the base, into the core and the upper extremities. Guided by the freedom to connect with your students, you are encouraged to craft each Dream class afresh. By adding and subtracting movement details, you will fit the needs of your students and support the lesson plan you intend to deliver. Use Dream to improve your skill of modeling the sensation of “agility” to all levels. Enhance your teaching skills of listening to the music and dancing to the music. Practice sharing the simple language of numbers, direction, and dynamics by altering the movements to help students develop and grow into skilled movers. 

Nia choreography is our way to connect and continue to educate the Nia Professional. Use this album as a powerful movement tool to discover more about your own form and freedom. We have carefully crafted this to offer you an in-depth somatic experience. It is designed to increase your teaching vocabulary, giving you new music, a unique focus, and specific movement patterns. Once you have experienced and integrated the whole of this routine begin to alter and adjust it by changing the focus, shifting front kicks to back kicks, shifting movement forms, and using the Nia 8BC Music System to put the moves to new music. Enjoy and have fun! We encourage you to be creative and build upon the foundation we have provided.

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