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Nia Workout 3-Pack

Nia Workout 3-Pack

Nia Workout 3-Pack

Global Unity - The Class Experience Workout DVD
Become strong, flexible, energetically balanced and calm by becoming aware and in charge of your body. Global Unity, a creative East-West blend of martial arts, dance, yoga and body integrative therapies, provides cardiovascular strengthening and increased flexibility for all levels of fitness. Enjoy the classic Nia workout (including Floorplay) in the first hour, and deepen your Nia practice in the special second hour.

Opal - The Class Experience Workout DVD
Opal is a Classic Nia workout which focuses on tapping into the Yin and Yang of Your Body's Way. This fun, expressive routine combines the soft energy of Yin with the explosive power of Yang, delivering new heights of fitness, strength and ease in your body and life. Dance along with Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas as you discover sensations of power and grace in your body like never before. For all levels.

Unplugged - The Class Experience Workout DVD  

Join the creators of Nia and discover its extraordinary power and passionate nature. As you dance to live percussion, let the music seduce your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to unwind, and let go! Unplug from rigid exercise and everyday stress by plugging into your own rhythm and passionate ways of moving. There you will find your own pulse and spirit!

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