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White Belt Dream Walker Routine

White Belt Dream Walker Routine

White Belt Dream Walker Routine

Choreographer: Carlos AyaRosas
Release Date: July, 2008
Focus and Intent:

The focus is on The Joy of Movement (TJOM), and Teaching What You Sense (TWYS). The intent is to experience Universal Joy and heightened body awareness.

WB Dream Walker is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on TJOM and TWYS. TJOM is the principle of choosing Joy as the sensation that can only be felt, instead of emotional joy. Only your body can tell you when Joy is present and circulating through your body. Learn to sustain and increase Joy and, when Joy is absent, to tweak the movement as needed. This practice complements the emotional joy you many times feel as you dance. Your students will most likely be in emotional joy since they love to dance and move, and Nia naturally makes people happy. However, you and they should consciously choose the sensation of Universal Joy. This places your attention in your body and requires that you communicate with it, since your body can tell you when Joy is finally present. The body communicates via sensations. They are the voice of the body, and we learn to listen to this voice as we move. Now that you are connected to your body, you can move on to the practice of TWYS. This principle invites you to listen to the music, dance to the music, and share what you sense, in that order. Always begin by paying attention to the music–the energy you and your students dance to. Develop your listening skills by mastering RAW and Being Seduced By The Music. These two practices make it possible for you to stay connected to each song as you dance and guide your class. Once you connect with the Silence and Sound, you are ready to Dance. Dancing to the music allows you to choose TJOM, and to further energize your body with sensation. Enjoy dancing with your students. They appreciate having the opportunity to dance with you and to the music you brought to class. It is a good idea to spend time in this place before sharing what you sense. Now, you are ready to Share. Receive the sensation from your body, and with great clarity, say, “Everybody, sense your…,” followed by the body part you are sensing. Then, return to Listen/Dance and be in TJOM with your students.

Dreamwalker NiaSounds “Birthed from the magic of eternal silence, Dreamwalker weaves together silence and sound to transport your spirit to higher dimensions of movement, imagination, and emotion. Centered in Nia’s philosophy of seeking Joy and Pleasure, this music invites you to be intimate with your passionate desire to express your individuality in the way you move to music or listen to it.” Features the music of Jaia, Ganga, Cantoma, Ges-E & Usman, Makyo, Thievery Corporation, and Auditory Sculpture. 

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